Fresh vs. For Sure, Over

  • Taking any cross-over advice from experts/influencers. If I follow you on social media for vegan recipes, please don't talk to me about your misinformed beliefs on privilege.
  • Millenials nervously laughing over what GenZ thinks is "in v.s. out." (who cares)
  • "Healthy competition" — Barbara, I don't care how many times you worked out this week. Please leave me to my journey.
  • Calling any streaming content "too intense" or "too dark." That line was crossed a long time ago people, don't content shame.
  • And Just Like That — that show felt like a lousy hookup you just can't quit, and today's finale was the last straw.
  • Coastal snobbery — I was once guilty of this myself, but as we lean into globalism and virtual life, can the last to change among us finally lean out of thinking anyone outside of LA or New York is a hick?
  • Body shaming of any kind. The people you talk to today just survived a global pandemic; let's give it a fu*&#@ break.
  • Rebuilding your life for the 100th time.
  • Emotional intelligence and being kind to others. (See final For Sure, Over)
  • A big, fat savings account.
  • Not judging anyone's reproductive choices (and not making anyone define them).
  • Personal growth and challenging yourself.
  • Recognizing where you struggle and where you are privileged to encourage empathy for others (see #2).
  • Not caring what other people think about you.




Writer. Comms Pro. Mother. Voter.

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Alison Crisci Turner

Alison Crisci Turner

Writer. Comms Pro. Mother. Voter.

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